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Chac: The Rain God

Chac: The Rain God


A cult film from the 1970s, lost for years and now restored, Chac: The Rain God can now be seen as a gorgeous cinematic journey into myth. Based on a combination of ritual and legends from the Popul Vuh, as well as Tzeltal and Mayan stories, this gorgeous film was shot in the Chiapas region of Mexico by Chilean director Rolando Klein. Chac focuses on a small Tzeltal village during a terrible drought. Desperate for relief, thirteen men set out on a quest to save their people from starvation. They seek a solitary Diviner who lives in the mountains and knows the ways of the Ancients; they hope that he can summon Chac, the Rain God. The Diviner takes them far from their own land on a strange journey, a trek that challenges their beliefs and even their saint.

Chac is magical, mystical, and intensely visual. A dazzling portrait of a Native American spiritual quest, it is a visionary masterpiece as powerful and revolutionary as Walkabout, El Topo and Aguirre, The Wrath of God.


Also available in 35mm prints for theatrical and nontheatrical screenings. Contact Milestone for price and availability!

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